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Building A Custom Garage? 6 Things You Need To Do To Properly Maintain It

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Building a custom garage is a major investment and routine maintenance goes a long way in maintaining the value of your new asset. While many homeowners tend to overlook their garages, doing so can prove detrimental, both to the value of the property and the contents of the garage. Curious how to maintain your garage so that it adds to rather than detracts from the value of your home? The experts at Sussel Garages share a few tips below.

Should Your Garage Door Match Your Home’s Front Door?

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Finishing your garage is an exciting part of homeownership. So many benefits come from a fully functioning garage unit that spans far beyond the housing of your vehicles. You can turn that space into a home workshop or an extra living team above. The possibilities and combinations are almost endless for your unit; one of them is exterior design.

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